Civil Dispute Resolution, Criminal and Regulatory Prosecutions

Caught up in a civil dispute or criminal proceedings?

You need a lawyer who can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Peter Davey-NZ Lawyer

I’m Peter Davey and I’m a barrister with over 29 years’ experience in civil and criminal proceedings. I have represented individuals, small businesses and major New Zealand companies in a broad range of cases from the District Court to the Supreme Court.

I can assist with:

  • Civil and criminal appeals
  • Company and shareholder disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Claims by liquidators against directors and shareholders
  • Criminal and regulatory prosecutions
  • Fraud, misrepresentation and other deceptive conduct
  • Property and trust disputes 

Email or phone me to make a time to talk. 

“Your availability, reporting, coordinating and contribution in the managing of our day to day business has been excellent in addition to your friendly and professional customer service focus…”

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